Kiln Firing Services

The Pottery Shop is happy to offer firing services for local ceramic enthusiasts.

Our Bisque kiln is fired to Cone 04 and we offer glaze firings to Cone 06 or Cone 5.  (A picture of clay/glaze used is requested)

We will ask all potters to glue cookies (with your name) to the bottom of your pieces using Elmer’s glue before dropping off for glaze firing, we will not stilt any items.


The Pottery Shop is not liable for any accidents that may occur during the firing process; a release of liability is required before we will fire your work as well as a $60 refundable deposit to cover any damage to the kiln resulting from melting glazes or clay bodies.  



To protect our equipment and others work, please see the following guidelines:

  1. You must know what clay and glaze you used on your work. We will not fire unknown clay or glazes. 

  2. All work must be completely bone dry before delivering to us (we do not accept any work with paper armitures).

  3. All items should be boxed and labeled with your name, phone number and cone for firing (multiple cones should each be placed in their OWN box).  We do not accept loose pieces.

  4. We do not currently offer any specialty firings including but not limited to: reduction, glass, precious metal or high fire firings. 


Prices are per firing (bisque and glaze):

  • $3.00 - small item up to the size of a standard coffee mug (or multiple smaller items that are the equivalent size of a single mug)

  • $6.00 - A single piece up to 12"x12"

  • $20.00 - Flat rate for a half shelf (this space is about: about 20”x20”x8”high

  • $35.00 – Flat rate for a full shelf measuring approximately 20” diameter x  8" tall space

  • $70.00 - Full kiln rental

Additional information


What cones do you fire to?

  • All bisque firings are done at cone 04, no matter what clay body.

  • Low-fire glaze firings are done at cone 06

  • Mid-fire glaze firings are done at cone 5.


Can I glaze the bottoms?
All items must be dry-footed and must have a cookie attached to the bottom to protect shelving from damage.


Can I have underglaze on the bottom?
Although underglaze will usually not stick to a shelf at mid-fire temperatures, there is still some risk.  Items must still have a cookie attached to the bottom to protect shelving from damage.


How long will it take to get my pieces back?
Turn around time is approximately 10 days. 


Rush orders may be available based on space, firing schedule and cone needed.  Please call ahead to check on availability and pricing.

You bring the pots, we bring the fire!

We accept drop offs during normal operating hours (private events excluded - we recommend checking our social media for updates)

Before accepting your pieces for your first firing, we will require completion of this LIABILITY WAIVER and payment of a $60 (refundable) security deposit.

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