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We help you put the "art" in "Party"!

Plan your event party at The Pottery Shop! We provide everything including stamps, stencils, sponges, idea books as well as a little coaching and a lot of encouragement.


A private studio buy out requires a minimum in-studio spend of $1,000 and can be any combination of studio fees, ceramics, or retail.


There is $7 fee per painter, plus the price of the pottery chosen.  


Pottery is available at different prices points:  $16, $20 or $25 per item (the price range you set is the maximum per piece and we limit your guest choices up to that amount, some could be less).  


Items can include things such as figurines, boxes,  banks, mugs, vases, plates and more.  Feel free to stop by our studio and check out our selection! (*Please note we can not guarantee availability of specific pieces)


  • Our full studio buy-out is ideal for larger groups & gatherings.  The studio can accommodate up to 60 painters seated, and up to 70 guests total.  This package requires a minimum spend of $1,000 in studio on the day of the event. If the total purchase does not total at least $1,000, a supplemental party fee will be added to the bill to bring the total to $1,000. Additionally, there is a  $250* non-refundable payment is required to confirm your party (this is a party rental fee and is not applied to remaining balance at check out).   The party rental fee includes space for food and non-alcoholic beverages.  

*50% off the Party Rental Fee when planning a midweek event! Monday-Thursday (excludes holidays and school break periods)

Food & Beverage (non-alcoholic) is welcome and we will handle the clean up!

Come schedule your next celebration with us!

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