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Community and Fundraising

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Have FUN while raising Funds!



In Studio Event:

Want a fun night out that also helps support your organization? Plan a paint-your-own pottery night at The Pottery Shop and we will donate 50% of all profit* from the event to your organization.

Who we are: We are a small, independently owned business who believes in supporting our community. The Pottery Shop is a Creative Arts Studio where you can create your own artwork on the pottery piece of your choice. We have a large selection of Pottery in stock and are always getting new pieces in. All of our glazes are non-toxic, lead free, and are food safe. Prices range from $5 to $50 with a studio fee of $9 for adults and $7 for children (ages 4-12).

The Basics: Contact us to arrange a date and time for your event and (Saturdays excluded), then invite your friends, family and supporters to come socialize and make a one-of-a-kind keepsake all while raising money for your organization. You are welcome to bring food and beverage to serve while painting (we also have snacks/drinks available for sale).

How It Works:

  • Contact us by email at

  • You must provide a 501©3 letter from the IRS to qualify to receive the donation.

  • You set the date and time for your fundraiser.  Guests will need to let us know they are part of your fundraiser when arriving.  Reservations strongly suggested.

  • Your guests pay our regular rates for our bisque items and studio fees (no discounts apply)

  • When your last guest has checked-out we will calculate the profit and write a check for 50% of bisque/studio fees *.


*Important details:

  • A minimum of 10 painters are required for the event.

  • Cost of goods and all taxes are deducted from the total before the 50/50 split.

  • 50/50 split applies only to Bisque Sales and studio fees (no retail, gift card or food and beverage sales).

  • Cash, Credit and Debit cards are the only forms of acceptable payment; Coupons and Gift certificates are not accepted for payment from your guests for a fundraiser.



To Go Kit fundraiser


Can’t get everyone to agree on a date?  Have more people than we can host in studio?  We have a to-go kit fundraising option! We will deliver pre-packaged kits to your location or customers can come to pick them up from the studio at designated times. 


We will create a payment link on our site and your supporters can purchase their kits directly.   Each kit will include bisque for painting, a variety of paint colors, brushes and instructions.


  • Your fundraiser will run on our website for an agreed set of dates (2 weeks is suggested to allow for the maximum number of orders). 

  • You promote the link to your audience and once the sale closes, all items will be packaged and delivered to your location for distribution approximately 2 weeks later.  

  • Your supporters can then paint at their leisure and return their painted pieces to The Pottery Shop in Town Square at their convenience for glazing and firing.

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